all that is - ENERGY

All existence is energy.

I am energy; my hologram (YOU) is energy.

*YOU- whatever I consider separate from myself.

My external/environment is the bait that hooks unconscious and subconscious energy in the psyche to release it.

My higher self, for ascension, has blueprinted whatever is happening NOW.

I need to be a witness to the projection.

But the bait hooks me…every time.

The persona/ego is at its cunning best.

This amnesia is perfectly all right as this is part of the plan.

Though I am already in my home, the SELF is undergoing an emotion of being lost.

I just need to experience the deep-seated thick dense energy to release it with love.

My triggers trap me.

My judgments delude me.

My righteousness lures me.

My wanting/needing/clinging enraptures me.

But again, I’m following the blueprint, you see! :D

The whole shebang is part of the plan.

The heart knows that detour is my route...

The inner-child consciously gets lost to discover the path...

And the magic potion is unconditional love and acceptance!

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