Be unapologetically you…

Why is being true to our self so frightening? What are we scared of losing? Why is the fear of UNKNOWN > our suffering of the CONSTANT we're holding onto? Without any apologies, without any kind of censorship, lets dazzle to be our true SELVES! Metamorphosis has already been initiated for mankind. It is time to spread wings and fly. Let us FEEL the emotions arising within without any kind of censorship, without any judgment, without any labelling. Whatever we are projecting or mirroring is a part of us vying for our LOVE and acceptance. Let's open the door to OURSELVES.

Let's open the door to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. #innerchildtherapy #innerchildfear #innerchildblockage #fear #metamorphosis #selflove #selfacceptance #homecoming #unconditionallove #yajanekka #yajanekkas

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