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Updated: Mar 30

Our will for survival will never push us to invent painful stories, rather the contrary: to make up nice memories in order to obscure the painful reality of our childhood. This is something we must never lose sight of. The commandment that says “Thou shalt not be aware of what was done to thee, nor of what thou doest to others” ensures that cruelty suffered in childhood is played down or modified by memory until it becomes unrecognizable.

-Alice Miller

Each of us is born as gods/goddesses wielding special superpowers.

Our basic requirements for care, safety, security, affection, physical touch & kindness was misused by adults to meet their unmet needs.

Inflicting pedagogical process to ‘discipline’ us, our parents/caregivers (who themselves were timidly tied to personal/familial/ancestral/communal/religious/local beliefs) used manipulation to make us hide our magic wands.

To feel safe and survive, we have had no other choice at all.

The life-long love of a child for its parents is the earth of its existence.

As naïve child, we cannot make peace with 'the taken truth' - of us being abused by parents/caregivers, & our ‘devotion’ for them- so we ‘deny/reject’ the truth of its existence!

Unresolved sorrow, humiliation, rejection, mistreatment—

felt as a vulnerable child is pushed into the deepest level of our psyche & forgotten.

But the wounded inner-children willful wail will manifest in other ways.

The induced replay of a situation endured in our tender age tells the story of an openly trusting child that cannot be expressed in words but only in regressive behaviour & physical pain manifestations.

The childhood ‘truth’, accumulated in hiding places in our body manifests in physical aches/pain/sickness/symptoms, even though we deny it, can never alter.

At present moment, no longer being a weak child, we can ‘nurture’ both consciousness:

the acceptance of inner-child-anguish & beingness of inner-adult wisdom.

It is only awareness of our innermost anguish & its diplomatic denial that wholehearted self-love can survive and grow.

With unconditional self-love & egoless totality, let's determine to reclaim our pukka-self. 🤗


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