Confronting the pain of separation from who we are…

Updated: Nov 16

We run away from our unconscious fears (which resides in the wounded inner-child) by denials, addictions, escape, dissociation and compromise…resulting in self-abandonment.

These unconscious or conscious fears are ‘who we are NOT’.

Experiencing and witnessing our isolation, anger, incompleteness, deprivation, loneliness and emptiness is not exactly becoming them.

This is rather ‘living/feeling’ it with our total awareness and senses.

There is no other way but to come to terms with and breathe in all the un-accepted.

Only by experiencing our unwanted/dark emotions, we’ll be able to touch its polar opposite.

We endure despair to bask in joy.

We go through raw heartache of loss to see the light of salvation.

We tough out the friction of discord to have peace.

We bear the pain of separation to experience the ecstasy of union.

Only to discover ‘unadulterated unconditional LOVE’ present behind all that is

…that is who we ALL are.

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