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Updated: Mar 26

The inner-child energy, our spontaneous primal nature, is in the solar plexus/gut, or rather we can say the third chakra.

If we grew up numbing down abandonment feeling all the time, our solar plexus chakra shuts down/we don’t trust our gut feeling.

The inner-adult child self mirrors the parents/caregivers.

The disconnected inner-adult-child, the self who shields itself from insecurity, fear, pain, and responsibility for the inner-child’s repressed trauma, severs itself from the heart chakra.

As a result, the ‘intellect/logic/reasoning’ of the isolated inner-adult-child (cut off from the wounded inner-child) is centred in the head (masculine ego), disconnected from the heart & solar plexus chakra.

After downloading/resolving our trapped ‘original-pain’, the heart channel cleares & reopenes the cosmic energy-circle of love & compassion within the head, heart & solar plexus.

The wise, responsible, compassionate & loving inner-adult, who has released/resolved childhood trauma, is an energy circle that connects the head and the heart, the fourth chakra.

Now the connected/grounded inner-adult can ‘experience’ the instincts & emotions of the ‘inner-child, instead of rejecting its feelings & act on responsibly using logic/reasoning.

The elemental energy channel is our inner connection between inner-child & loving inner-adult …clear, free & flowing.

Now, the heart is open to give & receive love from self and others. 😇


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