'directed by HIGHER SELF'

The wounded inner child’s relationship blueprint generally comes from an emotionally unavailable/absent father or insecure/needy mother, dysfunctional environment or a combination of all.

Ironically, we project the same abandonment equations in our adult relationships/marriage.

As an adult, one gets attracted to people with similar conflicting attributes as their parents.

The higher SELF replays and re-enacts the unconscious pattern so that we experience and release the buried pain and take back our power by fulfilling the unmet needs of the Inner Child.

Besides our parents’ relationship matrix, we are also bound by ancestral, generational family patterns, past lives’ stored karmas and present choices.

Our environment, circumstances, possibilities and happenings are directed by the divine SELF to manifest our ascension.

The moment we unearth our inexhaustible capacity to love ALL Selves unconditionally, integrate the Shadows, come to terms with Ego, Persona and harmonise Anima/Animus in totality; a herculean life lesson is finally complete.

Life ensures that its left with no choice other than the divine SELF to wake up and take back its power – Unconditional love and acceptance NOW.

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