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Updated: Feb 13

All that is including us are just energy…divine love consciousness!

Consciousness is an energy that is infinite, indestructible & impermanent.

This inexhaustible energy is all of us embodied in the human incarnation.

To adapt ourselves as earthlings & connect with the (perceived) EXTERNAL,

we disconnect/separate from source energy.

Separation from the cosmic source energy leads to fear (separation from true SELF)

that causes innate emptiness (loss of true SELF).

Fear(discord) is abandoning/disconnecting/resisting from our true self (unconditional love)!

The energy in motion (emotions) is neither +ve nor –ve, it's how the mind (Ego/separation) judges (duality) & segregates it in boxes(of right & wrong) to prove its ‘separation theory’!

To break the subconscious defence programming of ‘fight/flight/freeze/fawn’ let us just flow with the flux.

...surrender to NOW unconditionally.

...witness NOW unconditionally.

We ALL (as ONE) are the totality in motion 🌊

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