Ego defences - my anaesthesia…

I created ‘me/my ego’ as a coping mechanism to deal with the suffering of intolerable EXTERNAL. To numb the pain of traumatic experiences, the most common defences are: Denial: it's not happening Repression: it's never happened Dissociation: I don’t remember what happened Projection: it’s happening to you not me Conversion: I smoke/overwork/eat/take drugs when I feel it's happening Minimizing: it happened, but it’s no big deal. These ego defences are created to distract from the pain, the raw vulnerability thus numbing myself from feelings and emotions. To escape responsibility for my inner child’s fears/insecurities/hurt, the adult SELF disconnects from the inner child. In this process of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, my adult self abandoned my inner child! This self-abandonment resulted in splitting-up from the inner core of being – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & JOY. I need to face, confront, hear, accept, validate, and embrace my disowned SELVES & repressed feelings. I need to take responsibility for my shadow projections. My true essence is unconditional love & unbridled joy! ...everything else is hand-me-down

#selfdenial #fear #repression #dissociation #projection #shadowprojection #conversion #minimizing #selfenquiry #innerwork #innerchildtherapy #innerchildresistance #innerchildblock #yajanekkas #yajanekka

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