ego/mind/persona – keeping me chained

Updated: Nov 15

Slowly but surely I’m waking up to realize that I’m emulating my familiar childhood dynamics with the perceived EXTERNAL.

Familiar is not safe...its something known and experienced earlier.🙌🏼

The ego stories and beliefs created by my various SELVES/inner children were relevant to a child at that point of time and situation.

The psychological programming, social conditioning, mental addiction, delusional beliefs were a coping/escape/defence mechanism to survive the harsh chaotic intolerable OUTER.

The hand-me-down notion is meaningless now as I’m an adult who can take care of all inner-children/SELVES with absolute unconditional love.

I’m open to uncertainty with all my knowingness.

I’m undaunted by change with a trusting and loving heart.

I’m waking up to my light.

I’m confronting my dark.

In this cosmic dance, I waltz through both the ends of polarity.

I’m the bloom of unconditional love...& so are you.

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