...emotional bypassing

You don't allow yourself to cry, scream or get angry towards it and choose not to talk about it. Instead, you let your mind and body focus on the things that make you happy. This is emotional bypassing”

A vulnerable child creates varied ‘coping mechanism‘ to escape unsafe, distressing and scary emotions arising within.

In the process of self-denial, the various feelings/emotions/characteristics are shoved deep in crevices of the psyche.

Though these are not apparent, they are very much PRESENT.

These unwanted and repressed feelings/emotions/characteristics manifest later in life to be dealt with.

All facets of energy, no matter what I label it with, is a treasure trove that has been gifted by the cosmos for ascension.

The EXTERNAL/my projection is a catalyst to pull out the gems buried deep within since innumerable dimension, time and space.

The higher self (divine inner child) has planned its journey with great insight.

Integrating with the godlike inner child/higher self reveals my being to GRATITUDE.

I am indebted to whatever is arising NOW 🙏🏼

Totality is for me.

Totality is by me.

Totality is of me.

I affirm all that is NOW.

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