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Updated: Feb 15

Ambivalent attachment definition:

1. A form of insecure attachment in which infants show a combination of positive and negative responses toward a parent. After separation infants may simultaneously seek and resist close contact with the returning parent. Also called resistant attachment.

2. An adult interpersonal style characterized by the worry that a partner will break off a relationship or by hesitancy in forming deeply committed relationships despite a desire to do so. Also called anxious–ambivalent attachment style.

Ambivalent attachment is a form of insecure attachment characterized by inconsistent responses of the parent/caregivers and by the child's feelings of anxiety and preoccupation about the parent/caregiver's availability.

Also, children who are abused during their childhood tend to have a higher than average risk of developing an anxious ambivalent attachment to their parents and later on other relationships.

When children are uncertain of the kind of reaction they will get from their parent/caregivers - they will become insecurely attached, detach or stop forming emotional attachments.

The absence of secure foundation can cause this insecure-avoidant attachment pattern to continue in adult years as one's preliminary attachment style draws the hereafter relationships dynamic blueprint.

People with an ambivalent attachment pattern are often restless and distracted.

This behaviour can be seen as "clingy" or "vulnerable" as one imposes constant validation and reassurance from partner/another.

A person with an ambivalent attachment style is consistently looking for proof of love and affection.

There is a fear that the intimate interest COULD be lost at any moment.

They are doubtful of partner/others and seek to validate the relationship, often with severe actions that can backlash and isolate the partner.

Its kind of self exile with emotional palsy and loneliness. As a human being it’s a desolate and isolated existence 😞😔


*Discovering complete SELF unbiasedly

*Nurturing self-awareness,



and self-compassion🤗

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