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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Despite shutting the door on anxiety, grief, despair, disgust, sadness, bitterness, and melancholy to their face, they keep on bugging with a persistent knock.

The unwelcome visitors are not just ours…they could be our mother/father’s, grandmother/grandfather’s, great grandmothers/grandfathers’, the collective female/male psyche, generational/ancestral/family trauma, past lives‘ and so on.


In some lifetime, dimension and space I decided to call on them.

Depending on my readiness to accrue they have chosen NOW to manifest.

With a revering recognition, I open the door to embrace them.

Defying my imbibed judgments & prejudices, I sit with an open heart and listen to what they give out.

They go on about ‘I/mine’ chronicles…

-anything & everything to keep my 'ego' attached to the past.

-anything & everything I need to delve.

-anything & everything to assert I’m separate from all that is.


Every undesired emotion (unaccepted Inner Child) needs an unbiased ear, compassionate heart and complete presence to feel their being.

We just need to observe it as a ‘witness’...without any identification or mental chatter.

The dark brightens up the light...complementing each other.

These guests bring different treasures for each of us… centering on our openness to receive it.

Handing over ‘the gift’, they leave once they’ve been honoured with acceptance.

The higher SELF knows we are loved benevolently.

We have an infinite ability to love and be loved.

We all are LOVE incarnate.


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