Feel it to heal it

Updated: Sep 27

Loss of ‘Inner-Child’ occurs because of repressing/disowning/denying/numbing whatever we were feeling during our growing up years.

Every kind of unpleasant emotions, fears, desires which were shoved under the carpet takes the form of our banished/disowned Inner-Child.

All the unmet needs and denials manifest itself as a loss of our Inner-Child. Until we validate, acknowledge and accept the Inner-child with our unconditional love it will continue to stalk us by projecting itself on our environment. The Inner-Child will knock our door continuously, consistently, and repeatedly. This knocking will not let us be in peace, no matter what we do. Now as an adult, we need to sit with our discomfort, heartache, suffering, fear, guilt, agony. We need to observe/perceive it with our heart and our five senses. Our Inner-Child just needs our absolute presence and undivided attention without any judgments. Unconditional LOVE is THE potion. #unconditionallove #selflove #selfacceptance #selfinquiry #innerchildtherapy #innerchildblockage #innerchildacceptance #innerchild #yajanekka #yajanekkas

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