...flowing with the flow

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.

-Carl Jung”

It takes stubbornness & self-confidence to love our conscious/unconscious selves wholeheartedly and move ahead.

What if we could hold each and every inner child residing in our heart with avid attention?

What if we acknowledge their pain & embrace them in the warmth of our limitless love?

Understanding the concerns of various (conflicting) selves we assigned to assemble our false self will eventually bring about humility/forgiveness/acceptance towards all that is.

By reparenting ourselves with unconditional acceptance, we can trust our inner wisdom to move on with curiosity.

We are who we are 🙌🏼

– irrelevant of what we do/don’t, feel/avoid, afflict/elevate.

Our past traumas have taught us just one lesson – what did NOT work.

There are endless experiences and ends out there that we have overlooked, unexplored or unacknowledged!

Instead of guarding our heart with fearful familiarity, how about freeing ourselves from customs, mindsets, taboos, relationships that devalue & belittle who we are?

Acknowledging ‘unconditional love’ as our true selves, let’s explore the journey ahead!

😍 😇 🤗


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