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Updated: Jan 15

Acting out is the performance of an action considered bad or anti-social.

The action performed is destructive to self or others.

A child is “acting out” when they exhibit unrestrained and improper actions.

The behaviour is usually caused by suppressed or denied feelings or emotions.

Acting out reduces stress. It's often a child's attempt to show otherwise hidden emotions.

When an adult acts out, it’s a sign of his/her disgruntled & cranky inner-child taking over.

Getting overwhelmed in triggering situations, the wounded inner-child acts up as its incapable of reacting reasonably.

In essence, one regresses to being just a rebellious child who is incapable to process pain.

Also, neglected and abused previously, the inner-child is visibly vulnerable.

Psychological neglect happens when, sometimes in the past, a wounded inner-child’s caregivers failed to listen, nurture, and love empathetically.

This form of neglection includes any or all of the following: name-calling, insults, ridicule, yelling, gaslighting, manipulation, making blatant threats, and lack of privacy.

It could also be called blind bullying.

The mistreated child grows up to become an adult with a wounded inner-child.

🤗 pointer: The disturbed inner-child needs the adult SELF's attention, unconditional acceptance and validation.

Taking responsibility for our anxiety, we (as the wise adult SELF - calm, grounded and stable) need to hear out, embrace and soothe the distraught inner-child with unconditional love, understanding and compassion.

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