What is the reason of my being? What makes me forget time? What makes me jump out of bed in the morning? What makes me shine in my true elements? What nourishes my soul? What makes me forget time? These questions are pointers to my Ikigai, the purpose of my life. If ever or whenever I lose track of my Ikigai, my inner child shows the way. She gives me the courage to be ME. I am grateful to all SELVES, wearing ‘YOU’ mask, who push me in this direction. I love you. I am grateful to all SELVES, playing the role of aggressors so that I choose to take up this road. I love you. LOVE is my shield, LOVE is my weapon, and LOVE is my core! LOVE, COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE is the only way. The inner child is home. #unconditionallove #innerchildlove #innerchildtherapy #innerchildguidance #love #ikigai #happinness #selflove #selfacceptance #yajanekkas #yajanekka


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