How long will I hide?

As human beings, taking the road to look within is the toughest and least preferred task. How do I accept that 'others’ in the mask of abusers/triggers/subjects of my judgement and labelling are a disowned inner child/unconscious shadow/unhealed part of ‘me’?

How can I believe that the EXTERNAL is 'my' repressed unwanted projection? My ENVIRONMENT is produced, executed, directed by ME to release the lifetime prisoners within! This will destroy my ego, the outer shell to protect myself from getting hurt, and the perception of ‘me’! No matter what happens, I have to safeguard this ‘me’.

Holding on is familiar and safe…I will not get hurt…

What will happen if I let go of ‘me’? I integrate and merge with ALL…the external is my extension…as ALL is interconnected.

We expect the ‘shadow work’ to be understanding and compassionate but in reality - it is terrifying, agonizing, gut-wrenching, demeaning, degrading, humbling and in the end, freeing ourselves of the delusion of the matrix. The only way to survive this inner excavation is to reach our inner core of ‘unconditional love’. We need to understand all there is with compassion and forgive, accept and LOVE unconditionally. LOVE is THE ONLY way. #unconditionallove #innerchildtherapy #selfaccepatnce #selflove #selfhelp #innerchildresistance #shadowintegration #selfcompassion #selfforgiveness #yajanekka #yajanekkas #healingtherapy

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