...inner-child wound

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

When I refuse to take responsibility for my feelings,

inner-child encounters neglect.

When I pass off processing my uncomfortable emotions,

inner-child takes in being unworthy.

When I numb my tenderness with busyness, work, relationships, umpteen ego scripts,

inner-child turns cold.

When I blame others for my pain,

inner-child grasps rejection.

When I experience sadness, bitterness and anger with a prologue and epilogue ‘vanity story’,

inner-child feels estranged.

When I label my NOW with positive/negative binary,

inner-child endures abandonment.

Expediently the subconscious higher SELF orchestrates this lifetime situation, surroundings, and relationships as a tool to retrieve crammed inner-children holed up in varied layers of the psyche.

In gratitude, I bow to the shovel excavating the buried black.

The oscillating OUTER is a projection of the incognito INNER…

Putting my mental coding aside, I acknowledge responsibility for all that is with loving compassion.

My witnessing ’NOW’ with kindness & love calms down the innate turbulent tide.

Wherever we are, returning home (heart) is THE way to ascension...

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