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Updated: Feb 15

The subjective suffering arises from being scared of the 'original' pain and resisting/denying/fighting/fleeing/numbing/projecting it.

The one and only way OUT is to take refuge in the stressful sensations arising within without labelling it ‘+’ or ‘-’.

The emotions (inner-child blocked energy) showing up need an acknowledgement, approval and acceptance by none other than the adult-SELF.

Being a grown-up, it’s MY dire duty to *break the barriers (created by younger self) that are hindering the process of soul-ascension.

*break the barriers

-NOT to blame any person/circumstance.

-Accept, approve, acknowledge and experience the pain without acting in or out, projecting on others.

-Take personal responsibility (irrespective of what or who set it off) for my anguish.

Mishaps, people, relationships, loss that act as a catalyst to dig up the hurt (inner-child blocked energy already present in the hidden chambers of our psyche) are boons in disguise.

In gratitude, let us be thankful to our aggressors for drawing out the anima/animus and repaying the karmic debt.

In this contracted cathartic process, guarded grief (inner-child frozen in time) is processed and released.

As a child, the mask of persona, ego-defenses, false programming, sub-personalities, coping strategies, karmic traits is formed to survive the stifling gas chamber of pain, guilt, toxic-shame and denial of loss and so on.

The barriers, (mementoes & badge of honor of a warrior/survivor aka inner-child for his/her resilience and bravery), need to be broken with unconditional love and self-compassion.

As divine beings encased in human avatar, NOW is the time for us to take off the blindfold and wield our mightiest weapon – unconditional love, approval and acceptance for our complete (ego + persona + highest + shadow + anima/animus) selves.

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