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Updated: Mar 21

Feelings, our primal powers, are sentries that protect our basic needs (life, caring, control, purpose, & happiness).

When basic needs get threatened, exerting emotions erupt signaling ‘red alert’.

The feelings arise from compulsive & habituated thought-pattern of adopted/adapted secure/insecure attachment styles.

As children, the fears/beliefs/rules we faced about expressing emotions like anger, guilt, shame, misery, embarrassment, pettiness, hate, jealousy, irritation, unworthiness, fury, envy, spite etc becomes diktats set in stone.

To assert control over external environment- the aloof inner-parents abandon our inner-children(insecurities/neediness/powerlessness) by controlling/avoiding/repressing/numbing/rejecting/distracting/freezing/projecting survival strategies.

The parenting style (uninvolved, permissive, strict, & overbearing) of inner adult (father+mother) mirrors the same as that of our biological parents.

For decades, the orphaned inner-children hide in the buried subconscious/unconscious, & cry to be released (heard, acknowledged and embraced wholeheartedly) by the inner-adult-self.

When aloof inner-parents fail to meet the inner-child needs, the child looks to others for its unmet needs.

The awakened inner-adult self—who chooses to embrace inner-child sovereignty—is the almighty, ardent, assured aspect of ourselves.

The wise loving adult-self works towards re-parenting the inner-child ceaselessly, effortlessly & tirelessly.



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