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Updated: Mar 14

Insecurity & self-doubt take root from growing up in a dysfunctional & detached home, deprived of affection, attachment & acceptance. It is denying our true authentic self.

If we are programmed (mentally & psychologically) to be insignificant & worthless, how can we learn to make the right decisions for ourselves?

On choosing self-empowerment, we are made to feel ashamed & guilty (self-doubt sown by source figures) for being selfish!

Awakening is defying, challenging and questioning our (manipulated) deep-rooted beliefs.

Our emotions arise from thoughts based on childhood corrupt programming.

The source figures neglected, ignored, abused, diminished, and criticized to make us believe – ‘I am not enough, this is what I deserve, … it's all me’.

This agonizing sense of ‘I am not enough, I am flawed’ percolates through all the waking hours.

A key to healing is the ability to detach from emotions & trace them to understand where they come from.

We are NOT our emotions.

We all are pristine, primordial & perfect🌹 ...unaffected by brainwashed toxic beliefs/perceptions about others & ourselves.


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