...insightful inner-parent

The ideal role of the Inner Parent is to love, support, and nurture the Inner Child. It is able to accept, love, and nurture the Inner Child while still having a sense of the Inner Child being a separate and distinct Self. The ideal Inner Parent does not feel it “owns” the Inner Child any more than an outer parent should feel he or she “owns” an outer child.

-Dr John K Pollard

If you ask, only a select few got gentle guidance to be a caring inner-parent.

Our passive parents/caregivers, detached from their inner-child as their loving inner-parent, passed on that inability to us in turn.

Unconsciously, they were aloof adults who were indifferent to our emotional needs, likewise mirroring the same pattern (aloof/authoritarian/abusive/dismissive/compliant/controlling/resistant) to our inner-parent.

Being an embodiment of unconditional love, we sense its presence or absence intuitively.

Our inner-child knows what it desires/needs precisely to feel loved.

But all the way, we have been trained to doubt our innate instinct, so we turn a blind eye to inner-child’s insights.

When we choose to learn to love our inner-child, it will show us the way humbly, but not right away!

To start with, we need to earn its trust in us.

The child will only respond when it feels loved & begins to rely on us.

So, it is up to our inner-parent to wholeheartedly love our inner-children, holding the key to inner-inheritances!


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