…It’s all about Soul contract

Soul Contract is the agreement I signed before incarnating on this planet.

Before taking birth on this planet, my masters, guardian angels, spirit guides, ancestors and soul family enabled ME to draw the blueprint of my life journey in the form of soul-contract.

They helped me formulate the life lessons needed to ascend.

These life lessons form the basis of my soul contract.

Every lesson is jointly agreed on a soul level when you and I and were spiritual entities.

All the events taking place in my environment are to push me towards a higher state of consciousness.

Soul-contract, signed with my consent, entails every relationship in my life.

It covers my life encounters, exploits, victories, celebrations, phase and circumstances.

It also involves karmic debts and ancestral negotiations.

I choose my name, date of birth, place, family, friends, enemies and circumstances.

This is for the sole purpose of accruing my karma by switching places in this lifetime.

This is basically to clear my karmic baggage.

I have to remember whatever my soul contract evokes/provokes, every experience has been drafted to help me ascend.

My being on this planet HERE and NOW has a specific soul purpose.

To break free from the matrix I need to forgive and embrace ALL with unconditional love.

There is absolutely NOTHING that is NOT I.

I am unconditional LOVE.

Realization of being ONE consciousness is the final destination of this journey.

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