KEYS – acknowledgement, acceptance, surrender, forgiveness, integration

Healing our inner-child requires us to go in a hermit mode mentally.

It is not just working out traumatic growing up years but also acknowledging and delving into our shame, guilt and raw, dark and repressed side.

Our higher SELF created the Ego/persona to protect the vulnerable divine inner child.

The hard shell/ego/persona served its purpose during our developmental years and for surviving in the chaotic ‘samsara’.

As an adult and a seeker, our armour needs to taken off lovingly and laid on mother earth with gratitude.

The armour/ego/persona makes us believe that we are separate from the ‘EXTERNAL’.

As long as this feeling of separateness from ALL THAT IS grows stronger, we’ll be lifeless and losing track of our BEING.

Healing our inner-child is a journey towards the integration of ALL selves and realization ONE consciousness.

Unconditional LOVE is the only way.

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