...masks off

How long are you going to wear this mask (The Ego)?

-Alan Watts

On being born, we don’t perceive a separation between us and our surroundings.

The core of our inner child is unconditional love.

As almighty avatars, we spare no effort to give & receive love by being affectionate with all that is visible.

But for practical purposes, the parents/caregivers/environment program us with separation, distinction, judgement, etc.

Our childhood environs, being our mirror, defines ‘love’ to us.

Growing up, we realize that our essence (unconditional love) is not enough, as it is neglected/rejected/ridiculed.

Somehow, beyond a doubt, it seemed - I am not enough/worthless/flawed.

Instead of cherishing our wholehearted selves, we begin to bargain our worthiness with external things.

Gradually, loathing our light, we scheme several surviving strategies to dim/hide/extinguish it.

In a quest for belonging & acceptance, we create myriad masks according to the vulnerability varna of our inner child.

While enduring the torrid torrent of growing, we turn into the masks & forget who we are!

Breathing in as our composing conscience, is it possible to yank off all the made masks and discover our transcendental truth?

Who am I?


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