👁 mirror motif or motive?

Updated: Apr 4

Neurons (nerve cells) - These are the fundamental unit of the brain & nervous system responsible for receiving sensory input from the external environment & sending motor commands to our muscles, along with transforming and relaying the electrical signals at every step in between.

The two types of neurons - motor neurons (deliver signals from the brain to an effector- muscle cell/secretory gland) & sensory neurons (deliver signals - from a receptor, such as pain/temperature receptors in the skin - to the appropriate regions of the central nervous system).

Though each body organs are in connection with both motor and sensory neurons, they are dynamically different.

Mirror neurons- show activity both when an action is observed (the sensory unit) and when the same act performed (the motor unit).

We can first observe an action (“What is being done?”), then understand the intention of that action (“Why is it happening?”) and finally execute the same to achieve similar results.

By the vice of being an audience/spectator/victim of consistent toxic behaviour - both our understanding of action and the natural trait to mirror/copy/internalise the same act is programmed & etched ever so in our brain early in childhood. As a result, we treat ourselves the same way (mirroring) how we were treated by others(mainly close ones) in childhood.

Unconsciously, abandoning our authentic selves, we’ve been living an imposter's life 'wired/programmed/patterned/addicted’ to perform/behave/react and believe it be ‘our’ chosen choices!

Who is running our run?



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