…NO to co-dependence…

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

‘I define co-dependence as a dis-ease characterized by a loss of identity.

To be co-dependent is to be out of touch with one’s feelings, needs and desires.

Co-dependence is fostered in unhealthy family systems.

Co-dependent behavior indicates that the person’s childhood needs were unmet, and therefore he cannot know who he is.’

-John Bradshaw

It’s perfectly all right to feel whatever I’m feeling.

All emotions, sans social/personal/judgemental labels, are held and accepted with great reverence and tenderness.

I am present for my 5-year-old neglected self wholeheartedly.

I am compassionate to my 11-year-old heartbroken self.

I empathize with my 15-year-old lost self. I choose to get in touch with my emotions whenever its called for.

I break the hand over chains of ‘ought to’, ‘should be’ and ‘has to’ to finally be ME.

I say no to fit in your pseudo box of right/wrong.

I don’t need OUTER validation/any kind of moral justification for self-care & personal boundaries.

I pass up toxic shaming and gaslighting to dance to ‘EXTERNAL’ tune.

NOW I honour my gift and will to choose.

NOW I choose awareness for my feelings.

NOW I know my priceless worth is being complete ME.


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