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Updated: Nov 19

For my ascension, the inner divine child has created every encounter and experiences of this lifetime to thoroughly master subjects I’m weak in.

The undesirable and painful experiences release psychic, psychological and mental *anaesthesia.

*‘General anaesthesia works by interrupting nerve signals in your brain and body. It prevents your brain from processing pain and from remembering what happened during your surgery.’

Once the actual pain is ‘processed’ it leads us towards my innate strength.

Once the pain is ‘felt’, aided by my spirit guides, masters and ancestors, the lesson is complete.

Once the energy is 'released', integration is graced.

The ‘I’ has to understand the origins of its judgments, non-acceptance and choices.

‘I’ am that whatever ‘I’ judge.

‘I’ am that whatever ‘I’ perceive.

‘I’ am that whatever ‘I’ deny.

But what can ‘I’ attain if it’s hallucinatory?

What is ego’s greatest ‘fear’ of seeing the mirror (YOU, ENVIRONMENT, THE EXTERNAL)?

*The nonexistent ‘I’ could be personal or collective.

But never the less, it’s delusory.

I’m the judge and I’m the convict.

Together I’m identical & WHOLE , only different in degrees.

‘I’ doesn’t exist.

? exists

What is there not to love?

Who is there that is not mine?

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