...our basic nature, purpose and being is LOVE

Earth nurtures

Air blows

Fire burns

Water flows

Space exists

We, integration of the above elements, love.

Our basic nature by default is JOY and LOVE.

Unconditional LOVE is the purpose of our being.

Rest of the emotions/encounters are my wounded, disowned, banished inner children!

In every encounter, I meet myself.

Sometimes they are angry for being abandoned; sometimes they are hopelessly sad for being banished from their rightful place.

Other times they are bitterly hateful, viciously vengeful!

I need to let them in. I have to let them be.

They need time to grieve and finally heal.

They come to us wearing 'others' masks for being heard, validated, accepted and embraced.

They are a part of ME.

They are home now…claiming for their entitled place – my heart!

The consciousness is showing me the mirror…how many times will I look away?

I have to open the door and embrace myself.

Or else, it will keep on knocking until each and every part of ME integrate into one WHOLE!

I am waiting outside for ME to open the door!

#innerchildtherapy #innerchildacceptance #innerchildblockage #selflove #selfacceptance #unconditionallove #selfintrospection

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