…our foremost duty

Healing our abandoned inner-child with unmet needs means doing the inner work to receive balanced, fulfilling and loving relationships.

Being rose in a dysfunctional environment that lacked balanced primary connections results in a gnawing feeling of emptiness and incompleteness.

The debut trauma manipulates and beguiles the naive inner-child to seek its unmet needs to fill the void through marriage/romantic relationship in their adulthood.

This delusion results in constantly projecting on the partner/spouse THE need to be prioritized above all.

As an adult, it’s our, no-one else's, foremost duty and responsibility to release the toxic psychological (individual & generational) baggage to merge with our highest SELF (inner-child) aka unconditional LOVE.

We need to hold space for, listen and validate the inner-child’s monologue & dialogue with our other SELVES with loving compassion.

Step by step the catharsis of emotional & psychological release frees the inner-child of its abyss, grief and intrinsic split.

We owe this liberation to ourselves.

…And we finally begin to integrate with our core essence - LOVE...

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