Permission to choose the roles 'I' play…

Updated: Sep 22

‘I’ *Ego

What different roles am ‘I’ playing to procure love from outside?

Wife? Mother? Daughter? Friend? Career woman? Homemaker? Social butterfly?

Are these roles/masks empowering or am ‘I’ overpassing my authentic/higher SELF?

Why are the chains of conditioning (social/family/personal) so heavy as to drown my inner-child/authentic SELF in the abyss of loneliness and emptiness?

What resistance is inside me which is choosing the OUTER and abandoning my inner-child SELF?

If the cost of getting love from the EXTERNAL is to seal my innate fountain of love - my higher SELF, then I’d rather not.

I give my inner child the unconditional free rein to be me…warts and all.

I emit UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, along with it I have feelings of utter despise, too.

Together I am WHOLE.

Together I am ONE.

And it’s perfectly all right.

I choose to be ME without any judgment, labelling, shame or guilt.

#selfacceptance #duality #selfenquiry #selfcompassion #selflove #innerchildblockage #innerchildtherapy #innerchildretrieval

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