Play of Ego and its defences!

I am kind (owned self) – YOU are cruel(disowned/shadow self) I am considerate (owned self) – YOU are insensitive (disowned/shadow self) I am innocent (owned self) – YOU are sinful (disowned/shadow self) I am pure (owned self) – YOU are polluted (disowned/shadow self) I am innocent (owned self) – YOU are manipulative (disowned/shadow self) I am selfless (owned self) – YOU are opportunist (disowned/shadow self) I am caring (owned self) – YOU are unloving (disowned/shadow self) The list of shadow projection is long.

In our growing up years, we chose to be what we were loved and praised for. To get attention, affection and love from our caregivers, we chose the shiniest jewels of characteristics. Being a human being, we cannot bypass the laws of nature and the universe whether its the law of cause & effect, the law of Karma or in this case 'law of duality'. E.g. the moment I choose to be an ‘honest’ person, ‘law of duality’ births an exact opposite of the same trait in me. So unconsciously I am dishonest but I’ve disowned it as it’s so ugly & unwanted. This ugly/unwanted inner child SELF manifests as our disowned/shadow SELF. The disowned and banished inner child will continue to knock the door to our heart (its rightful place) unless we let her/him in and embrace with our acceptance and love. Now unless and until I accept my selfish SELF (disowned inner child) with grace and compassion, I’ll keep on attracting people, situations, incidents where I’ll meet ‘selfishness’ in its elements. It takes great humility and courage to accept - I am THAT whatever I’m judging/labelling. I am 'UNCONDITIONAL LOVE' but my love has conditions. I’m both and it’s ALL RIGHT.

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