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Updated: Mar 16

'Poisonous pedagogy, also called black pedagogy, is a concept by which present-day psychologists and educators distance themselves from child-raising methods that were propagated in previous centuries.

Poisonous pedagogy is therefore meant as an unequivocally negative term.

It is an umbrella concept encompassing behaviours and communications that have a strongly manipulative or violent character, such as corporal punishment.'

Poisonous pedagogy aims to break the will, the mightiest mechanism, of an independent/stubborn/willful child.

It is behind-the-door bullying using a civilised check to control the growth of an immature innocent.

Poisonous pedagogy slays & splits soul.

Instilling shame for being who we are, (severing a compliant child’s growth to suit the perpetuator’s lives) is its ulterior motive.

It results in false beliefs like :

‘It must be me’

‘I am not enough’

’I’m worthless’

‘I am not good enough’

‘I’m defective’

‘I’m bad’

’I‘m undeserving’

’I don’t belong’

'Something is wrong with me'

'I'm not lovable'

‘I’m a mistake’

‘I don’t like me’

‘I hate myself’

‘I don’t matter’

‘I’m ashamed to be seen’

According to its primitive perception, the developing child formulates (supervised by manager/controller SELVES) various strategies, including shapeshifting, to please the source figures to be ‘seen’, ‘accepted & belonged’ and maybe ‘loved’.

The way he/she perceived love’ (always conditional) & ‘to be loved’ becomes a standard for future factors.

In this process, the young one loses track of its innate psychic uniqueness.

🤔 ‘Who am I’ hardly ever crosses the muddled minds…

The healing-process is - confront childhood traumas, understand the attachment-styles & unmask the FALSE selves’ mask we put on as a shield to protect core vulnerabilities, accept & embrace the authentic SELF.

The much-needed step is to reassure ourselves -

'I'm safe & unconditionally loved in being me' 🙌🏼


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