Updated: Nov 15

This life journey is a route home to the rebirth of divine self/inner-child.

This pilgrimage is a celebration for all of us.

Not my past...I'm NOW.

Not what's pulling me down...I’m ascension.

The mind separates ‘me’ from ‘you’ (all that is beyond my skin!).

If I’m the darkness of the underbelly of earth, I also illuminate the sky as the sun!

If I’m the anxiety of separation, I also revel in the ecstasy of our union.

If I’m the hopelessness of being incomplete, I’m also the resilience of existence.

I’m unconditional love for the complete.

I’m the paradisiac bloom of the garden you nurture.

I’m the pensive poem you compose.

I’m the reverence of divine love.

I(you) am the aching…I(you) am the elixir.

& so are you.

I am you & vice versa.

We all already are THAT what we are seeking.

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