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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

In basic terms, insecure attachment is a relationship style where the bond is contaminated by fear. This is expressed mainly as reluctance in the relationship and other mixed emotions, such as dependence and rejection. Most psychologists believe that insecure attachment is formed in early childhood.

It is viewed as a consequence of the relationships we develop with the people we trust in our childhood. These first few bonds are the foundation of the type of relationships we form later on in life.”

All riddles are hidden at the beginning of the game.

We enact the same pattern of (insecure) attachment style in our adult relationships which was impressed in our childhood.

There are 3 types of insecure attachment:

Disorganized/disoriented attachment-

People who were abused mentally & physically in their childhood don’t understand safe support & nurturing consistency from their close ones. Usually, their coping mechanism is emotional disconnection and numbing strategies.

Anxious-ambivalent attachment-

People who had dissenting parents grow up with anxious uncertainty and are always looking for closeness and affection. Anxiety is the main lead in ALL their adult relationships leading them to escapism and avoidant behavior.

Anxious-avoidant attachment-

People who were brought up by emotionally distant caregivers did not get any kind of emotional/psychological/needed support. They carry intense emotional pain within and are unable to understand their own emotions. It is extremely difficult for them to trust others.

Relationship pattern can be healed and resurrected through focussed mindfulness and compassionate understanding of our attachment-pattern.

Besides meditation, therapy and honest introspection, breath-work is an extremely potent way to excavate our buried entanglements.

Through aligning with our higher (divine/inner-child) SELF, slowly and gradually we move towards Self-revelation…

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