'replay' with the inner-child

Updated: Nov 1

I talk to my inner child the way I wished I were.

I listen to her with unconditional love.

I am present with her playing her favourite games/activities.

I eat her favourite/comfort food whenever she wishes to.

I connect with people who make her feel safe.

I convince her that whatever happened/happens is not/will never be her fault.

I assure her that there are no good/bad feelings…they’re just feelings.

I guarantee her that I’m available for her emotionally, mentally and physically 24x7.

I remind her that there is no black/white in life.

I create a safe space/corner/place for her.

I reassure her that’s she’s beautiful and divine as she is.

I validate everything that she is.

I see her.

I’m there for her.

I choose her, every time.

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