...self attacking self 🤔

Updated: Mar 24

When an individual does not become conscious of their inner contradictions, the world acts out the conflict and is torn in opposite halves.

-Carl Jung

The inner-patriarch makes us feel inferior/good for nothing.

The inner-controller keeps a tab on our happiness.

The inner-pleaser is afraid to voice their needs.

The inner critic holds us back.

The inner-rule maker draws lines to stop exploration.

The inner mother is forever judgmental.

The inner-girl/boy is fearful & resorts to hide.

The inner-pusher pushes to exhaustion.

The inner-matriarch always blames & finds fault.

The inner-perfectionist finds fault in every little thing.

The inner-judge judges consistently 24x7.

The 'inner-?' 😨

The list goes on...

To begin with, all the Primary/Manager/Controller selves were created (patterned on our growing-up environment) for us to remain 'alive' (survival mode).

Being a helpless child at the mercy of others, we endured what we shouldn't have & and ultimately reached adulthood.

Now we all are (victorious) adults, safe & secure.

Psychically & psychologically, we're unaware of the closing of past struggle.

In our psyche, vigilant soldiers* are still at their assigned posts, ready to attack.

The only difference is, at the slightest trigger, NOW the soldiers are battling with each other!

One part of us is warring with another part!

One 'self' is rejecting another 'self'!

For these many conflicting selves, the war is still on…they are in constant cautiousness for perceived dangers…& always ready for action!

Now it is self vs self!!

What if we discover all the lost and broken parts & put them back together lovingly in a divine cosmic constellation like it was meant to be?


*primary/controller/manager selves


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