...self-worth lies in being 'ME'

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.

-Maya Angelou”

Where does self-worth reside?

· In successful/failed relationships?

· Others conception of should/should not?

· In professional/personal achievements?

· In surrendering to/resisting (personal/inter-personal/social/religious/cultural/political/etc) control?

· Work/paycheck?

· Accumulated ownership/property (or its lack)?

· Being a good/bad daughter/son/husband/wife/father/mother/any given role?

· Acceptance/non-acceptance of life?

· Being (YOUR definition of) saint/sinner?

· Others views about us?

· Health/age/body-image?

· Fitting in or not?

· Comparison with others?

· Physical/mental/emotional quotient?

· Academic performance?

· Bucket-list?

· Being productive/laid back?

· YOUR perception of ME?

Why are we conditioned to hand over the almightyness of our ‘being’ to OUTER say so!

Why are we programmed to be spiritually disconnected from who we are?

I am 😇

I am enough 🤗🥰👸



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