she's safe now

Updated: Nov 15

I validate the little girl I once was...I am her

I choose her over all that IS.

I see parts of my soul/inner-child scattered in all that is pulling me towards it.

I acknowledge her fears of abandonment.

I identify with her agony of unfinishedness.

I understand her judgments.

I empathize with her doubts.

I get her panic.

I see her anxiety.

I feel her emptiness.

I recognize her delusional separateness from the WHOLE.

This thorn embedded path was pre-planned by my higher SELF – that IS relaying this cosmic hologram, to experience the other end of the polarity.

I go back courageously now, excavate the buried and denied parts/SELVES/inner-child, feel her feelings with earnestness, bring her back home with unconditional love.

She’s safe with me now.

She’ll always be out of harm’s way now.

The ailment is a part of me and its other end - unconditional love (higher SELF/inner-child) is THE medicine.

The answer to all is love and acceptance for whatever IS.

I am all that is...& so are you.

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