Show up for yourSELF every second of your waking hour...

Updated: Sep 12

I will never fail to show up for 'MYSELF' again.

I will never abandon 'MYSELF' again.

The hurdle is the path; the heartbreak is the way, the deception leads to MY core.

I will not let myself play to 'YOUR' shadow projections.

I will not make myself small and insignificant to fit in 'YOUR' box of judgment and labelling.

I will choose 'myself' every day, every moment.

I will not be whom I’m NOT to get the scraps of attention and love from 'EXTERNAL'.

I choose to be 'ME' - ecstatic, revering, and drunk in imperfections and quirky weirdness.

My light might blind your vision, get intoxicated in LOVE...thats the only way!

I’ll show up for 'ME' every day.

Thank 'YOU' for gifting me a box of darkness otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered to open mine!

Thank 'YOU' for expelling me otherwise how would I have returned back home!

Thank 'YOU' for not choosing me otherwise how would I have chosen myself?

PS: The paradox we discover in the end;

'I' is me, 'YOU' is me.

'MINE' is mine and 'YOURS' is mine.

'EXTERNAL' is a projection of my 'INTERNAL'.

It's like pieces of ME wherever I go... whatever I do I encounter myself!!



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