show up for yourself NOW...always

The forsaken buried emotions & unhealed psychological wounds (varied shadow SELVES of the inner child) arising from within resurface to be ‘felt’ and released.

This energy will continue to be trapped until we harness it with our complete awareness.

Emotional triggers in the mask of anger, rage, jealousy, frustration, criticism, helplessness, isolation, sadness, neglect, rejection, shame, guilt, family enmeshments are my wounded inner children waiting to be attended and listened to.

The catharsis is breathing it in with total awareness and acknowledging it no matter how frightening and painful it is.

Along with our individual angst, a major share is passed down through ancestral lines.

With an open heart, I validate and give space to whatever is arising from within NOW.

Casting all my mental blocks aside, I honour the presence of all feelings, emotions and reactions.

I feel it to heal the pain of family, my lineage and me!

With unconditional LOVE, I embrace my inner child NOW.

#selfacceptance #faceyourfears #hermitmode #selfinquiry #selfisolation #innerchildtherapy #innerchildblockage #reclaimyourinnerchild #selflove #selfabandonment #unconditionallove #beingpresent #yajanekka #yajanekkas

PS: I/you/we/us denotes universal consciousness as we all are ONE

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