Spiritual reparenting

-Being the inner-child’s father I strive towards self-discipline.

-Being the inner-child’s mother I nurture myself emotionally and physically.

-Being a caring adult I protect and put myself first. I'm safe being my authentic SELF/SELVES.

-I prioritize my self-worth above all.

-I do away with social, familial ‘conditioning’ handed over emanating in people-pleasing, needing others to validate, forming and putting up with toxic relationships and finding hard to say no attitude.

-I find joy without feeling guilty for it.

-I now create an invincible sense of identity as ME and don’t expect/need others to validate.

-I am an independent spirit, comfortable and completely at ease with being by myself.

-YOU have no power to threaten/hurt me by abandoning or withholding love.

-I confront friction with confidence and find ways to resolve the issue rather than emotional manipulation.

-I take responsibility for my life and don’t shift the blame on my parents, family or the ENVIRONMENT.

I am not my past and its mistakes.

I am the wisdom of the lessons and strength of its resilience.

I take back my power…NOW.

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