Taking responsibility for our projections...

Updated: Sep 11

I play ALL the roles in this drama (my world) wearing numerous masks, staged and directed by me!

I play the hero, I play the villain, and I play the audience too.

This ‘Leela’ is to unearth the buried and release it…

The world I’m living in is mirroring back my disowned and repressed projections.

It manifests in our environment only & ONLY because it’s a part of ME!

Seeing OURSELVES is such a bitter pill to swallow…

That is why projecting and then blaming OTHERS seems to be one of the ways to appease ourselves.

Since we can’t SEE ourselves, the higher self uses the world as our mirror.

What is buried inside me that has manifested whatever I’m going through?

Otherwise, the disowned projections will continue in repeating cycles till the time we authentically own and validate it!

Am I ready to be an adult and take the responsibility of my projections?

Is it possible to accept our non-acceptance?

#innerchildblock #innerresistance #selfacceptance #selfenquiry #innerchildtherapy #innerchildwork #selflove #selfcompassion #meetingourself #innerchild #shadowself #shadowintegration


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