The Work

Reclaiming the Inner-Child involves going back to the initial growing up years and completing every unfinished business!

A part of our soul is trapped in those incidents and people...this feeling of being fragmented in so many pieces leaves us anxious and discontent.

Inner-Child Therapy will work on putting back every lost part of ourselves as one WHOLE piece.

I can assure you from my personal experience it's downright scary, tormenting, humbling, eye-opening and in the end liberating...

Throughout this journey you’ll be accompanying YOUR inner-child holding his hand, as wise and caring adult, being his support without any judgment.

This is because the adult YOU were not ‘present' the time your inner-child went through the traumatic incidents.

NOW is the time to hold his/her hand and work towards liberation and contentment...

The adult YOU needs to show up for the vulnerable younger YOU.

This is what redemption is!

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