This therapy is an excavation of our hidden treasure within!

The Inner-Child is that part of us which is an embodiment of vulnerability, innocence, divinity and God essence! We are unconditional love, joy, happiness, creativity, playfulness, spontaneity in our true elements. Rest of the extra baggage carried by us is handed down by our society and culture. In the process of past life experiences, karmic contracts, caregiver/social/ traumatic conditioning, we've damaged the link to divinity resulting in the wounding and loss of our inner child. Inner-Child wounds are spiritual and psychological wounds unseen by human eyes and limited perspectives. In the process of survival, we've built high walls of defences to keep ourselves safe from pain and suffering, thus abandoning and disowning our 'Inner-Child'. As a result, the wounded, abandoned, disowned inner-child has withdrawn and gone into hiding. The retrieval of the bridge between us and the divine creator is the basic principle of Inner Child Therapy. The child within needs to be retrieved, accepted, validated, expressed, embraced and celebrated!

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