Tree of life: karmic conjunction

The lock of our psyche is our delusion of separateness from all that is.

Its keys lie in our roots, which comprises of our Father wound and Mother wound.

The master key is integration with our divine inner child, the higher self or consciousness.

Each perceived wrong judgment, every single mistake, all the guilt, every inadequacy, each so-called trauma, all the aching is a part of this lifetime’s syllabus.

There are no wrong turns, they could never be.

There is no possibility of failing this test.

I am the examinee and I am the examiner.

I am the lock & I am the key.

I am THE master key.

I am the seer seeing itself in the mirror.

I’ve incarnated in this human form to witness the flow…experiencing the polarities (whatever I’m feeling) of my true essence – pure love…just overwhelming unconditional love.

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