what is 'inner-child'?

The 'child' is all that is abandoned and exposed and at the same time divinely powerful; the insignificantly dubious beginning, and the triumphal end. The "eternal child" in man is an indescribable experience, an incongruity, a handicap, and a divine prerogative; an imponderable that determines the ultimate worth or worthless of a personality. -C. G. Jung

The Inner-Child is our unconscious or hidden which is unmanifested part of the divine.

It is the part of us which is eternally loving, joyful and unconditional love. It represents the creative, spontaneous and playful aspect of our SELVES.

It is the Inner-Child that constantly reminds us of our divinity and it is that who will align us on our journey to integrate with consciousness itself!

To fully experience our divine nature, the child within must be acknowledged, validated, embraced and expressed.

We lose our Inner-Child in varying extents...

This happens due to blocks that are created in us due to past-life influences, karmic-contracts, parental/social conditioning, dysfunctional family set-up, a traumatic incident in our growing up years.

As a result, the Inner-Child gets badly wounded, withdraws in hiding, and abandons us!

After the loss of our Inner-Child, we move to the state of 'Emptiness/Void'.

Inner-Child Therapy is being aware, acknowledging, accepting our wounds, heal them and retrieve the Inner-Child.

It is WORK to reclaim our 'wholeness'.

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