The inner child knocks...

Updated: a day ago

She's relentless, consistent in her pursuit to return home.

She'll keep on knocking on the door until you open and embrace her.

The traits we form, accept and own to get external love, validation, acceptance, adoration from 'others' is under the label of good and our 'accepted SELVES'.

Duality is a universal law, an exact opposite of that trait or personality births.

The birthed unconscious part is our "shadow or disowned SELF" that constantly triggers us for acceptance.

As a result, whoever we disapprove of, hate and point fingers at are our own projected 'shadow/disowned/unaccepted SELVES'.

We disown, repress, judge, ban, ridicule and shun it away from our lives because it's ugly, dark, wrong and downtrodden.

Our righteousness and fear of being judged by others keep us from owning it!

The more we push it away with our labelling/judgement/resistance, the harder it will be in its effort to be accepted in our lives!

The banished child returns home with vengeance and entitlement for its proper place.

Ourself is where she born, this where she belongs, this is where she'll stay!

E.g., if I have chosen to be an 'honest' person, the traits of dishonesty are running right under it, repressed and unaccepted.

So we'll keep on meeting dishonest people in our journey.

Also, we need to contemplate where we are 'dishonest' and putting it under the carpet…

This soul searching is brutal and hits us below the belt!

I am THAT whatever I'm condemning and pointing the finger!

It had been ME all along...

That energy/psyche is our banished inner child who desperately seeks to get back 'home' to its 'parents' and loved wholeheartedly.

Our heart is its 'HOME', and we are its 'inner parents!

The child's been roaming for alms of being validated, accepted, loved, cherished, validated, cherished and loved unconditionally by OTHERS…

Sitting in silence and interrogating ourselves - who is inside me that wants external validation?

In what ways have I not acknowledged and met my needs?

In what ways have I neglected, abandoned, lost myself?

In what ways I'm not accepting my internal struggle of guilt & shame?

In what ways am I judging and condemning OTHERS?

She's your child, a younger YOU desperately seeking to return home, i.e. your heart.

Please open the door to her,

embrace and hold her in your arms &

let her bask in your unconditional love!

She's safe now.

She can rest now.

She can be herself now.

YOU integrate with YOU

She's home now.