The delusion of separateness

Updated: Nov 4

Shadow Work :

Whatever is hurting me, whoever I am condemning - IS ME in another form.

Whoever I'm pointing fingers at is ME in 'another' mask...waiting to be validated, accepted and loved.

Its ME vs ME in all dimensions, lifetimes, time zones...waiting to be accepted, validated, owned, cherished, loved in my every avatar.

What is inside me that is marking the territory between ME and YOU?

Where do I end and YOU begin?

It is so scared of being ONE with whatever is...of being integrated with ALL that is...

All of us breathing right now are born of LOVE, from LOVE, and for LOVE!

The origin is LOVE till eternity!

Whatever is not LOVE has been handed down as an armour to separate ourselves from so-called others!

What delusion am I creating inside myself for feeling this huge gnawing, heart-wrenching loneliness of not being YOU...and why...for what purpose?

I am YOU and vice-versa.

And NO - the delusion of separateness doesn't keep us safe.

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