Lost/wounded inner-child coping strategies…

Updated: Jan 9

  • Shutting down or withdrawing emotionally

  • Being super quiet so as not to be noticed

  • Acting passive-aggressive so as not to show your anger

  • Blaming

  • Getting too involved in a relationship too quickly

  • Over-sharing intimate details about yourself too quickly

  • Lying

  • Feeling as if you have no needs (needless)

  • Feeling as if you have no desires or dreams (want less)

  • Self-harming- as a way to self-soothe

  • Sabotaging

  • Overspending money you don’t have to fill up a hole inside

  • Projecting or mind-reading what others think or feel about you

  • Using drugs, alcohol, food, pills, weed, or other substances to escape or cope

  • Pushing emotions down until they manifest as anxiety or depression

  • Seeking attention

  • Sneaking around

  • Hiding (literally)

  • Overworking

  • Overcompensating

  • Bullying others

  • Checking out

  • Playing the victim for attention

  • Feeling less-than Feeling greater-than

  • Making yourself smaller so you can feel bigger

  • Getting bigger so others feel smaller

  • Attacking others out of anger because of the shame you feel

  • Overcompensating (pretending to have it all together but feeling like an imposter)

  • Rebelling at authority or those who you think are trying to control you

  • Yelling

  • Feeling responsible for everything bad that happens

  • Getting lost in self-loathing

  • Avoiding conflict

  • Saying "I’m sorry" a lot

  • Giving your power away

  • Making everyone else more important

  • Enabling others’ destructive habits and avoiding real discussions

  • Trying to be a peacemaker

  • Acting as a caretaker

  • Being a fixer

  • Getting really loud or demonstrative so others hear and see you

  • Ignoring others so they don’t hurt you

  • Giving too much or too little

  • Ignoring your gut reaction or intuition

  • Doubting yourself

  • Being impulsive

  • Being irrational

  • Being moody

  • Brooding

  • Throwing temper tantrums

  • Being clingy

  • Pushing away

  • Whining

  • Being sarcastic

  • Escaping through pornography or masturbation

  • Using sex, shopping, and other activities to avoid your feelings

  • Wanting to escape Saying you just wish you were dead (but not wanting to die)

  • Wanting to be out of pain (not necessarily by dying)

  • Being greedy

  • Gambling

  • Feeling anxious

  • Changing yourself for someone else’s comfort

  • Being overly controlling

  • Manipulating others

  • Being obsessive

  • Being petty

…Just some of the emotional responses of a wounded inner-child!

We can add on as per our defence mechanism...

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